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We believe that everyone can benefit from counseling with a skilled and caring professional. Providers with a passion for helping each client make meaningful and extraordinary advances in his/her life, career, relationships, and happiness. Contact us to learn how a partnership with a caring and experienced counselor can help you.

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"Gifted, tender, kind, and simply a genius. Thanks to my Dr for the referral- my depression and anxiety are totally, without any use of medication, gone after a lifetime of struggle. I am grateful for Dr. Touma."

- Client

"Dr. Touma is the ultimate professional. He is a gifted, intuitive, brilliant, empathic and dedicated counselor. My husband and I are lucky to have found him. Thank you Dr. Touma and Staff"

- Client

"Excellent service all around. Dr. Touma is the ultimate professional and helped my family during the most difficult of times. Enriching experience in every way. Highly recommend"

- Client

“Highly recommend. Friendly staff, warm environment, and outstanding therapy. My PCP was right when she told me this is the person to provide the best counseling.”

- Client

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